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BC01 chachepot

BC01 it’s a cachepot realised by the designer with a unique folded by hand aluminum panel. A simple and pure sculptural object. Each piece it’s unique, irreplaceable, handcrafted and made by request. It’s possible to customise the product in finishes and dimensions.

Cleaning instructions: Clean the product with a soft, slightly damp cloth, and then using a soft, dry cloth. Be sure to dry well the surfaces because liquids can stain metal surfaces. Do not use detergents.

Material: Aluminum

Finishes: raw / brushed / polished

Sizes:   Ø 45 – Ø 40 – Ø 35 x h 40 cm

            Ø 30 – Ø 25 – Ø 20 x h 25 cm

            Ø 20 x h 18 cm

Collection: Aluminimum collection // Section B

Year: 2020

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