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CH01 chair

CH01 chair is made by only three elements bolted together by four stainless steel pins. A light, thin and slender chair with a long lasting life span. Simplicity and material optimisation characterize the design process. Simplified production and assembly processes make CH01 a low environmental  impact chair, with a minimal design.

The shell, obtained by a single press-bent aluminum plate, it’s smooth and slightly flexible, favouring seat’s ergonomics, while welded profiles generates the support. The crafting and assembling process are immediately visible, becoming pivotal element and exalting the high skilled craftsmanship. The surfaces are naturally finished to  preserve and enhance materiality of aluminum for a cool tactile and visual experience.

CH01 it’s an essential and monolithic seat, sustainable, fully recyclable and suitable both for indoor and outdoor.

Cleaning instructions: Clean the product with a soft, slightly damp cloth, and then using a soft, dry cloth. Be sure to dry well the surfaces because liquids can stain metal surfaces. Do not use detergents.

Material: Aluminum 6060T5 frames / Aluminum 5754H111 seat

Finishes: brushed / polished / blackened

Size: 43 x 46 x 88.5 cm seat h 44

Collection: Aluminimum collection // section A

Year: 2020

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