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INDEBUURT armchair

Elementary geometries, sharp design, this full aluminum armchair it’s a solid, light and comfy seat that strongly characterises every space. The frames are realised by 3 mm thick rectangular profiles welded in concentric triangles and the seat it’s composed by 5 mm thick sheet panels. It’s an extra large armchair inspired by dutch cities and imagined also as a sidewalk armchair Indebuurt (that in dutch means “in the neighbourhood”) respects the environment. It’s strong, fully recyclable, light enough, weather proof and if putted outdoor can be also used to lock up your bike!

It’s possible to customise it in finishes and colours.

Cleaning instructions: Clean the product with a soft, slightly damp cloth, and then using a soft, dry cloth. Be sure to dry well the surfaces because liquids can stain metal surfaces. Do not use detergents.

Material: Aluminum 6060T5 frames / Aluminum 5754H111 seat

Finishes: brushed / polished / sanded / varnished

Size: 64 x 66 x 80 cm

Collection: Aluminimum collection// section A

Year: 2020

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