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Bhulls is an independent design studio based in Naples specialised in handcrafted furniture and custom projects.

Strong, lasting and timeless. 

Bhulls offers high quality handcrafted objects, by employing the best raw materials to create objects meant to last and handed down across generations.

Excessive pollution and waste are the result of the throwaway culture we live in. The increasing rates of production go along with products whose life circle is becoming shorter and shorter. Objects are deprived of their meaning and reduced as mere consumer goods. Made out of poor quality and of dubious craftsmanship and aesthetics, these products are meant to satisfy the current trend, just to be dismissed and forget as soon as it’s over.

Against the planned obsolescence that is prevailing in the market, Bhulls’ objects are meant to last.


Responsible, repairable, recyclable. 

Bhulls’ mission is to reduce consumption and waste, from the choice of the raw materials, through to the manufacturing process, till the disposal. Each object is made with recycled or recyclable materials and can be easily repaired. Composed of few pieces, they are also easy to assemble and to transport.

The profound transformations that occurred in the last century changed the way we relate with both private and public spaces. New needs emerged, the shift from formal to practical ones and the uncertain boundaries between the two generated new relations among users, objects and their functions.



The multifunctional furnishing, typical of the modern age, in the XXI century becomes more articulated, almost baroque! More functions are added, sometimes unnecessarily, and every item is presented in a variety of colours, declinations and finishes, at the expense of aesthetics, sustainability and functionality itself. But is it really necessary to incorporate all these functions in only one piece of furniture? Is still nowadays multi functionality synonym of quality, practicality, environmental sustainability, simplification?

Bhulls proposes clean and pure shapes, made of few materials assembled together wisely to create objects with a minimal design that can enhance any space and match with both modern or antique objects.


Unique, engaging, magnetic.

Unique object, made in limited editions. Functional sculptures, iconic objects with a strong personality that attracts the look and captures the attention of who’s watching them. High quality objects, handcrafted with the best raw materials, meant to last and to be given a precise meaning and sentimental value. Theirs uniqueness and durability makes them timeless as they are crafted to be handed down, as in the old times, from one generation to the other.