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Bhulls is an independent design studio based in Naples (Italy) specialised in handcrafted furniture and custom projects for residential, commercial & galleries.


A creative partnership between product designer Riccardo Parmiciano Borgström and visual designer Giorgia Farina, that combines innovation, handcrafting and sustainability to produce limited edition projects.


The Italian studio established in 2020 creates pure and unconventional objects, exploring the fields of aesthetic and function to generate a new eclectic and minimal language.


The pursuit of simplicity is the core of Bhulls’ design, from the choice of materials up to the production and manufacturing processes. A direct and eco friendly approach that overcome the mass production dynamics to exalt projects’ uniqueness and quality.


We love to reuse, recycle, repair, mix, discover, experiment and experience. We love nature, and we want to deal with it!



– Product & Visual design

– Creative collaboration

– Custom projects

– Design consultancy


– Milan Design Week 2021, Isola Design Gallery, Fabbrica Sassetti – Via F. Sassetti 31, Isola Design District // explore it → MDW21

– Dutch Design Week 2020, Virtual edition, Isola design gallery, Isola Design District // → DDW20

– Milan Design Market | Dutch Design Week 2020, Virtual exhibition, Milan Design Market // explore it → MDM | DDW20

– Isola goes digital 2020, Virtual edition, Isola Design District // → ISOLA VIRTUAL EXHIBITION



– Cose di Casa, September 2021 // → FUORISALONE 2021

– Spaghetti Mag, September 2021 // → ISOLA DESIGN DISTRICT

– House & Garden November issue 2020, Inspirational Interiors, pag. 237

– House & Garden October issue 2020, A Room With A View, pag. 258

– House & Garden September issue 2020, The House of Design, pag. 152

– Professione architetto news, July 2017, Premio PramDAI Design – i vincitori // → PRAM DAI 2017



– First prize P.R.A.M. D.A.I. 2017 for the project Resettle bus shelter, Contest “Design Architecture Ischia”, Torri in Festa Torri in Luce